Valves for Alumina Production

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SchuF designs and manufactures slurry valves specifically for the Alumina industry.

The valves for Alumina Production are designed for applications where erosion and scaling are a constant concern. These valves are provided with a disc turning device to help clean and grind seats.


SchuF Alumina Valve

Valve used in Aluminium Production, Photo: SchuF


Key Characteristics of the SchuF Valve for Alumina Production

  • Valves are designed to ANSI/ASME B16.34
  • Pressure ratings from PN 10 up to PN 160 (ANSI/ASME 150 to ANSI/ASME 900)
  • Flange connections according to DIN EN 1092 or  ANSI/ASME B16.5
  • Pressure test according to API 598
  • Valve body wall thickness oversized to maintain integrity in the event of possible erosion or abrasion
  • Reinforced pad around the valve body, up to 180°, to allow the option of added flushing/drain nozzles
  • Enlarged stem diameter to increase durability
  • Sealing surfaces of disc and seat stellited
  • Packing area specifically designed for alumina service
  • Yoke-actuator connection standardised for different types of actuator
  • Manufactured under quality system ISO 9001
  • The grinding device can be used while the valve is installed.
    This ensures:
    easy handling;
    can be used by the operators
    no down time





  • Tapered seat design
  • Internal linings to avoid erosion, abrasion or corrosion
  • Stem protection or stem hard facing


Valve Sizing

Depending on the nature of the application, sizes from two inch to thirty six inch are available as standard. Special sizes can also be made on request.

Materials used in the Valve for Alumina Production

Alumina Slurry Valves are available in ASTM 216 Grade WCB for the body yoke and stuffing box. The disc and seat are in Carbon steel and the sealing surfaces are stellited. High pressure variants are available in ASTM A 516 Grade 60. The gasket is spiral wound and the packing is graphite. Internal linings and stem protection are optional.

Valve Model Numbers

SchuF Alumina Valves come in the following generic variants: Models 16 and 17 (Tank Bottom Valve variants), Model 18 (Angle Valve variant); Model 19 (Bayonet Angle Valve variant) and Model 50 (Y Globe Valve Variant).



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Video gallery
A video showing the operation of a recently-manufactured SchuF powder-sampling Valve is now available-please click the link below, which will take you to the Vimeo video-sharing website. The video will begin automatically. more