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MultiProbe Bottom Outlet Valve

MultiProbe™ Bottom Outlet Valve, Photo: SchuF

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Why Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the use of Process Analytical Technology (PAT). This technology helps to optimize pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and enables chemical processes to be monitored with PAT tools such as infra-red (IR) probes, where direct insertion into a reactor vessel is required. Reactions can then be analyzed in real time with PAT tools, providing immediate data on critical process control parameters. If problems arise during the reaction, the parameters can be modified before the batch is completed.


Where to find PAT process entry points

A major challenge in the use of PAT is finding suitable entry points for the measuring technology into reactors. The modification of existing vessels is prohibitively expensive, requires revalidation and is sometimes not even permitted. Entry from the top can also be a problem for low volume batches. SchuF has developed an innovative, cost effective solution to overcome this problem.

SchuF enables customers to incorporate PAT technology into a reactor bottom outlet valve with built-in PAT probe monitoring capabilities. The PAT probe is fitted through the valve actuator, stem and disc and is directly exposed to the medium in the reactor. The SchuF MultiProbevalve with integrated infrared probe also enables the customer to remove the PAT probe quickly between batches without having to remove the valve from the vessel. As the PAT probe is located in the bottom part of the vessel, even low volume batches can be monitored in real-time.


Integrating PAT technology within the SchuF valve eliminates the need to modify existing reactor vessels. It is a low-cost solution, allowing the implementation of modern PAT technology in both existing and new reactors.

As result of close work wih Pfizer R&D SchuF Ireland/UK developed 2010 its first MultiProbe™ Bottom Outlet Valve installed in a Pfizer plant.

See  Pfizer R&D article "Access all areas" - published by, September 2010 and written by May Ling Yeow project & technology engineer at Pfizer.

 MultiProbe valve - Close up  MultiProbe Bottom Outlet valve - 3D picture  SensoTech LiquiSonic web size

MultiProbe™ - Infrared and temperature probe -                               SensoTech LiquiSonic(R)
integrated into the valve disc

SchuF MultiProbe configurations (for infrared probes)

The SchuF MultiProbe™ valve with infrared probe is available in two basic configurations:

The single shaft version has a single shaft in the valve stem to accommodate one IR probe. The Infra-Red PAT probe can incorporate a 1xPT100 temperature sensor.

The dual probe version includes an over-sized valve stem with 2 independent shafts, one for the IR-Probe and one for a traditional 2xPT100 temperature sensor. Each instrument can be installed or removed independently of the other.


As always SchuF valves that incorporate PAT technology using the MultiProbe™ arrangement can be built to a wide range of customer specifications including a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, Hastelloy, glass and PFA lining; actuator types, sizes and accessories.


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