Cam-Slide® Line Blind Valve

The Cam-Slide® is a modern line blind, which has been designed to advance the benefits of the Cam-Set® and Stacey™ line blind. It has been appropriately designed for applications where space is limited. ith this new design, the spectacle plate is smoothly slid, rather than swung.

Cam-Slide® Applications

The Cam-Slide® is most frequently used in critical applications such as Refinery, Paper, Mineral Processing and Petrochemical Industries.  They are installed in pipelines where product cross contamination and hazardous material could possibly be harmful to people or the environment. Safety is a very important aspect.


 Cam-Slide Line Blind Valve

Cam-Slide Double

Cam-Slide® 81CS, Photo: ©SchuF


Functional Improvements

The introduction of bearing blocks allows more accurate positioning of the spectacle plate, which reduces the potential for user error.  The Cam-Sliding mechanism eliminates any plate lifting during transition.  Since less effort is now required, it will result in less wear and tear of the sealing parts and in return will reduce maintenance and servicing needed in the future.  The Cam-Slide also includes a limit stop, ensuring a definite stopping point.

Cam-Slide drawing

 Cam-Slide® front view



Product brochure
Dimension Table
for Cam-Slide®

Line Blind Valve - Brochure Cover 2016 Dimension Table Cam-Slide



Cam-Slide® Benefits 

The Cam-Slide offers a list of additional benefits compared to the Cam-Set® and Stacey™.  These benefits include:

  • Compact Build for Tight Fit Applications
    This new, more compact design requires less space due to its reduced body size.  It introduces a sliding spectacle plate which further eliminates the space needed by a swinging type line blind.  By sliding, a smaller area is demanded.

  • Crust Breaking 
    The Cam-Slide is ideal for breaking down media build up, or crusts, commonly found in mineral processing industries. 

  • The New 4 Bolt Design 
    Allows for much higher pressure applications, lower weight and smaller bolting sizes.

  • Faster and Smoother Plate Transition  
    Allows more convenience, less time and less effort when changing the blind from open to closed or vice versa. 
    This blind can be changed safely in less than a minute.



A protective cover option can be offered for the exposed area of the spectacle plate.  This cover will help protect the spectacle plate from any harsh natural elements in certain industries where dust and sand particles are common.  Both horizontal and vertical lift kits are also available options.  They are used to automatically spread the spectacle plate assembly and carrier apart when the valve is opened with the hand wheel.  The horizontal lift kit enhances ease of use.  While the vertical lift kit, ensures that the crust breaking action becomes effortless.



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