Stacey Line Blind Valve

The modern line blind valve "Stacey" ensures the total isolation of the downstream flow within a pipeline.


It is an essential addition to the SchuF Fetterolf Line Blind product range as it is ideal for certain types of applications where the line blind must be both - large and have a high pressure rating.

Stacey in process

Stacey Line Blind Valve


Product brochure
"Line Blind Valves"
Line Blind Valve - Brochure Cover 2016

Operation and Sizes

To operate the valve the bolts are loosened in even quarter turns for one or two revolutions, automatically spreading the body flanges apart far enough to rotate the spactacle plate to its desired position.

The Stacey is available in a 3, 5, 7 and 9 bold version - depending on the required size.

Standard sizes
go up to 54" and ASME 900# class rating.
Customised variants
go up to 100" and ASME 2500#.


Stacey drawing

Five bold Stacey (front view)



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Video gallery
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